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Resin epoxy floor coating is not only robust and hygienic, but it can be molded to include a number of industrial-strength qualities to suit both commercial and industrial needs. With over 20 years of experience with epoxy coating in Malaysia, we provide some of the most extensive resin epoxy flooring solutions in the country.

Types Of Resin Flooring
    Durable and hardwearing surfaces made out of performance industrial flooring materials from Flowcrete. Suited to a wide range of demanding service conditions from automotive and aerospace to assembly lines and warehouses.
    Colourful, vibrant and aesthetically pleasing, commercial resins are joint-free decorative floor coatings that give commercial spaces an artistic atmosphere worth talking about.
    Flowcrete’s Flowfresh range is HACCP International Certified to cater to environments that demand the highest possible standard of hygiene. This polyurethane coating range is suitable for supermarket, food & beverage, and various industries.
    Car park Deckshield protection is designed to enhance maneuverability, reduce noise from tires, improve light reflectivity and enhance the general environment of car parks. Perfect for the modern needs of shopping malls, hotels and general car park structures.
    Beautifully designed seamless epoxy terrazzo flooring exudes ultimate luxury and durability that is perfect for upmarket shopping malls, showrooms, as well as commercial venues.
    Make a statement and start conversations in your retail or commercial spaces with the artistic range of Expressions resin flooring by Flowcrete.
    Joint-free with a natural-looking stone finish, Flowcrete’s range of stone carpets add a naturally pleasing aesthetic to indoor and outdoor spaces or commercial areas.
    Flowcrete’s Flowfast MMA resins offer a highly durable and decorative floor finish that is fully serviceable. Suited for commercial spaces with plenty of foot traffic.
    Antistatic flooring has been proven to prevent harmful electrical charges, and reduces the charge buildup that comes from the destruction of sensitive components, by dissipating the charge safely to the ground.
    Flowcrete’s Flowchem range protects your floors from corrosion caused by constant and severe chemical attacks usually found in industrial or laboratory settings.
    The Isocreed K-Screed is Flowcrete’s award-winning range known for its ability to deliver high quality screeds by combining high strength with rapid installation and excellent moisture control.
    When applied over a suitable base, Flowsport provides a resilient, seamless and durable surface for multi-use gymnasium or indoor sports venues. Internationally recognised colours can also be applied on the surface, to indicate court lines and markings.
Benefits Of Resin Flooring
  • Antimicrobial
    We go to great lengths to ensure that the best possible sanitation or cleanliness standards are met. Hence, selecting an antimicrobial and hygienic floor that withstands the largest of spills is top priority.
  • Antistatic
    Static discharge happens when a floor is subjected to constant traffic from people,vehicles or machinery. An antistatic floor can safely dissipate this charge, especially in environments that have sensitive electronic equipment, or that handles volatile gases, liquids, powder, and other flammable substances.
  • Chemical Resistant
    In places that often come into contact with caustic solvents, a chemical resistant coating can maintain safety and extend the floor’s lifespan. Flowcrete’s range of chemical resistant coatings can also be customized for specific industries that use specific chemicals, most commonly in the automotive or airline industries.
  • Cleanroom Suitable Materials
    Running large operations in clean environments are crucial to many industries that rely on sanitation and cleanliness. Using cleanroom suitable materials safeguards this process and ensures the quality of components used throughout the process.
  • Decorative
    You don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for functionality when it comes to choosing high performance flooring. Get beautiful aesthetics paired with top-of-the-line quality with Flowcrete’s range of decorative floors.
  • Withstand Extreme Temperatures
    Our range of tough and durable flooring can withstand very sensitive changes in temperature and climate, from very high to very low, and even changes that happen very suddenly or over time.
  • Fast Cure
    If you are experiencing long downtime periods or delayed construction schedules, you need fast curing times for your resin floor systems. The Flowfast range of methyl methacrylate (MMA) enhanced floors cut curing time by up to half, so your waiting times are a thing of the past!
  • Hard Wearing
    Challenging and intense industrial environments demand the toughest, most robust resin floors out there. Flowcrete’s resin floors have the ability to cope with constant abuse from heavy impacts, thermal shock, frequent cleaning cycles, and even the traffic of vehicles weighing up to 60 tonnes.
  • HACCP International Certified
    If you are in the food and beverage, electrics or pharmaceutical sectors, you’ll need to prove that your flooring complies with the highest standard of hygiene.
  • Moisture Barrier
    When installing a new flooring system, you may encounter issues when the substrate absorbs excessive moisture. Avoid blistering that is caused by moisture vapour being emitted from the substrate through osmosis, as it can lead to unsightly blemishes or debonding, causing pressure beneath the surface.
  • Refurbishment
    Need to revitalise the floor but don’t want to go through long wait times which could potentially cost you productivity and money? Flowcrete’s flooring refurbishment solutions revitalises your floor faster.
  • Outdoor Finishes
    For commercial and residential estates, landscaping creates a striking first impression, as well as an ambience that befits the personality of the surrounding areas.
  • Sustainable Solutions
    We believe in providing sustainable solutions to flooring. Our materials and sources are environmentally friendly and have been sustainably sourced, manufactured and distributed. We also limit or completely remove toxic substances such as volatile organic compounds and phthalates from our source materials, to provide a safer and greener environment.
  • UV Stable
    Did you know that long term exposure to the elements like wind, rain and ice can erode rocks and discolour surfaces? Protect exposed surfaces with UV stable protection, and prolong the lifespan of your surfaces for years to come.
  • Slip Resistant
    Sports facilities, gymnasiums and any areas that are prone to slipping are subjected to health and safety standards. Injuries and accidents can be avoided when you apply slip resistant coating to surfaces.

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